Monday, October 24, 2011

Model Making

One of V's classes is botany.  Today's lesson is about the parts of a flower.  What's more fun than researching flowers? Building one! Well, and sniffing them. We walked around the neighborhood & did that, too, although I failed to photog the adventure. Boo on me.

I know, his handwriting! Oiy
At the other end of the table today is X.  His current literature study is poetry.  The question he is stuck on: Unscrambling names, particularly, George MacDonald.... shhhh don't tell him.  The answer is 2 paragraphs above the question.  He's just being frustrated because I won't let him play with clay. 

Mr. Grumpyface
Also, allow me to introduce, Raven.
Member of the species, Felinus Interruptus.

(Edited to add:  I have no idea why the pictures are sideways. Will have to wait for my tech guy (Mr.) to get home & figure it out. I've got to get to writing & grammar with E. In the meantime, tilt your head.)

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